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    Make quick work of passing the FE exam. This new review book from Dr. Merle Potter, a bestselling author of FE test preps, was written specifically for college seniors, and offers the fastest, most concise, effective review available! By using this link, you will receive a $10 discount when you order direct from Meridian Press at In addition, our Student Chapter will receive a 20% donation for each book ordered.


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    * Our Unique Prep Strategy: Elect to take the General Afternoon Exam! More Information


    * Order Now and Receive FREE SHIPPING! Your cost of $49.95 is remarkable for the value: Concise Review for the AM & PM General FE Exam, Hundreds of Examples & Practice Problems with Full Solutions, and a Full 8-hr Diagnostic FE Exam!


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    ---Michelle R. Gruender, Fundraising Coordinator

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    QuoteUpon reviewing Potter's latest Fundamentals of Engineering Review, I was thrilled to see that we once again have a streamlined review on the market for those who merely need a thorough overview to pass the FE Exam. The concise overview of undergraduate engineering also makes an excellent desk reference for use in the field, and I refer to it often. Thanks for providing a much-needed review approach!” 
    Chris Mitchener, PE 
    Project Manager 
    Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN

    QuoteThe Fundamentals of Engineering Review is a great resource and is very well done!”  
    Dr. William Sproule  
    Professor of Civil Engineering 
    Michigan Tech University


    QuoteYour Fundamentals of Engineering Review helped me pass the General Module of the April 2009 FE/EIT exam.  Thank you very much -- your book was the best I had, way better than that XXX book I bought.  The insight was so very helpful and the problems were challenging enough to get me to work through the problems quickly, while building my confidence to solve the problems correctly the first time on the actual exam. Thank you so very much!”  
    Sam Rivera, BSME, FE
    Sales Support Engineer
    Mactor, Doylestown, PA


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